Our teaching framework embeds learning into play and daily routines. We incorporate each student’s motivation and create supportive structures to ensure they reach their academic, social and life goals.

About In STEPPS Academy

We understand your child has specific interests, strengths, and developmental needs, so we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Our classes encourage natural interaction and play as the foundation for learning so that children can feel comfortable and confident learning academic and social skills. We offer two classroom tracks. Our high-support classroom track has a 1:1-2:1 ratio, focusing on communication, daily living skills, and/or specific behavior support needs. Our medium-support classroom track can accommodate students up to a 5:1 ratio following a more traditional class structure. All students have individualized academic programs tailored to their needs and abilities, with goals measured and based on their personal accomplishments. In STEPPS Academy is a year-round school with minimal time off to ensure maximum consistency for our students.

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