Founder’s Story

Founder - Yvonne Bruinsma, Ph.d, BCBC-D, Founder and CEO

Yvonne Bruinsma, Ph.D., BCBC-D, Founder

My profound purpose emerged during grad school when I was teaching a father strategies to improve communication with his 4-year-old son, Justin, who had been diagnosed with autism. Witnessing the challenges faced by Justin’s mother in connecting with him inspired me to dedicate myself to helping families form deep and lasting connections with their children with autism. With a team of clinicians, In STEPPS Inc. has successfully connected over 3000 families, empowering them to reach their fullest potential. Now I am excited to be the founder of In STEPPS Academy, a non-profit private school that provides high-quality education and treatment for children with autism. Rooted in science and nurtured with love, In STEPPS Academy fosters an enriched environment where friendships are cultivated, autism strengths are celebrated, and support is readily available. Our mission is to teach the way children learn, enabling them to flourish and achieve their utmost potential. Justin’s remarkable progress is a testament to the transformative work we do, and with In STEPPS Academy, we are committed to reaching new heights and making a lasting impact.

Academy Team

Academy Teacher - Carly Medina

Carly Medina
Academy Teacher

Academy Teacher's Aid - Melissa Carr

Christine Yu
Classroom Aid

Academy Teacher's Aid - Melissa Carr

Melissa Carr
Classroom Aid