Candle Company Donates in Honor of Autism Awareness Month

April 23, 2021

In honor of Autism Awareness month, Fingerprint and Co. partnered with In STEPPS Academy, a non-profit private school, to donate a portion of April sales back to the Academy. We are thrilled about this partnership and the benefits it will have on the Academy and the awareness it will raise for the Autism Community. Fingerprint & Co also gave a discount code to our followers of 10% off at checkout using the code ACADEMY.

About Fingerprint & Co.

“We are partner duo Jose and Bryce based out of Seattle, Washington. Our love story started over a cup of coffee three years ago. Our passion for candle making and blending fragrances stems from nostalgic memories over the years. Bryce incorporates his Midwest roots, while Jose embraces his Mexican and West Coast upbringing and our shared experiences around the world add a unique element.

 Our background in operations, innovation, event experiences, and customer service touches all aspects of our brand, Fingerprint & Co. Our passion for making candles started as a hobby during the COVID-19 pandemic – stuck at home in quarantine with nowhere to go. We spent our evenings and weekends making candles and sharing them with friends to brighten up their spaces during such challenging times. After much success (and a few mishaps here and there!), our hobby quickly turned into our passion, and our company Fingerprint & Co. was born.

We believe being welcomed into anyone’s space is an honor and we celebrate that through our products. Through Fingerprint & Co., we empower you to be proud of what makes you stand out. You are as unique as your own fingerprint, no two are the same. Make an impression and show the world what you have to offer!

Jose + Bryce”

Fingerprint & Co. x In STEPPS Academy Collaboration

In STEPPS Academy is a non-profit, private school designed to meet the educational and therapeutic needs of children on the autism spectrum and other learning differences. Based on In STEPPS’ successful therapy model, we excel in using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) to create supportive and fun learning environments that will prepare your child for success.

We tailor programming to the individual needs and abilities of each child, with goals measured based on their personal accomplishments. In the same way that Fingerprint & Co. empowers you to be proud of what makes you stand out, we empower our students to meet their personal goals of success.

Visit to fill your home with beautiful spring scents – use ACADEMY at checkout for 10% off and to support In STEPPS Academy.