Celebrating Family Fun at the TACA Family Carnival: A Memorable Second Year

June 9, 2023

What a thrilling day it was for us as we eagerly participated in the TACA Family Carnival for the second consecutive year! As an integral part of this joyous event, we had the incredible opportunity to meet new families, share information about our academy, and create lasting memories.  

The TACA Family Carnival was a treasure trove of entertainment, with an array of activities that catered to people of all ages and needs. From rock climbing to superhero meet and greets, there was never a dull moment. Amidst the festivities, we felt a deep appreciation for the remarkable work of the TACA organization and its unwavering commitment to supporting families affected by autism. It was an honor to contribute to this noble cause while immersing ourselves in an atmosphere brimming with happiness. 

One of the highlights of the carnival was the opportunity to meet countless incredible families! Each interaction was filled with warmth and a sense of belonging. We witnessed firsthand the power of community as parents and children came together, forging new friendships and sharing their experiences. Our corn hole game booth became a hub of laughter and friendly competition, with cheers and high-fives echoing throughout the day. As the day progressed, we captured numerous moments of joy, love, and connection. The laughter-filled smiles, the friendly competitions, and the genuine conversations will forever be etched in our hearts.  

Being a part of the TACA Family Carnival for the second year in a row was an absolute delight. We are grateful to TACA for providing such an incredible platform where families could come together and experience a day of pure joy. We eagerly await the opportunity to continue supporting TACA’s invaluable work and participating in future events that foster love, acceptance, and endless smiles.