Academy Students Celebrate Earth Day


Our Academy Kids Celebrate Earth Day April 19, 2022 To explore deeper into the world of life science, we completed a lesson on the components involved in growing a flower. We engaged with a video that broke down the roles that the sun, soil, water, and other outdoor elements play

Academy Students Celebrate Earth Day2022-09-28T11:59:34-07:00

Have You Heard of Doodle for Google?


Have You Heard of Doodle for Google? February 7, 2022 We hadn’t either until we read an article from our favorite student news platform, News2you. Doodle for Google is an online contest that allows K-12 students to express themselves and design a new Doodle for Google’s

Have You Heard of Doodle for Google?2022-09-28T12:01:30-07:00
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