A Special Foodie Friday


A Special Foodie Friday November 8, 2019 Thank you to Flower Child of Newport Beach, CA and Pal Experiences for making today's Foodie Fridays our best one yet! Today we used a growth mindset to experience some DELICIOUS new foods! Most of our students are working

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Science Time: Hypothesis Edition


Science Time: Hypothesis Edition September 11, 2019 Welcome Back! Science time is one of the most important and equally fun parts of the day for the students! Here, we have Mr. Sam teaching the students how to form their own "hypothesis" or predictions and then test it and find

Science Time: Hypothesis Edition2020-08-04T22:46:09-07:00

Yoga Time or Fun Time? How About Both?


Yoga Time or Fun Time? How About Both? August 30, 2019 If it's a yoga day, the students know it's going to be a fun day! Did you know yoga for kids is helpful for relaxation and that it can teach  children breathing techniques and

Yoga Time or Fun Time? How About Both?2020-08-04T22:36:01-07:00

STEM Project: Nature Edition


STEM Project: Nature Edition August 23, 2019 Our students worked together on their very own STEM project this week. They needed to collaborate and make a plan on how to build a... BIRDS NEST. They went outside to gather the materials needed in our green belt

STEM Project: Nature Edition2020-08-04T19:59:16-07:00

Occupational Therapy: Spin Art!


Occupational Therapy: Spin Art! August 14, 2019 Our occupational therapist Emily consulted in our classroom today. Our students made some awesome art using a spinner and some paint. This is an awesome exercise to increase the student's fine motor skills and it is just flat out fun! 😁

Occupational Therapy: Spin Art!2020-08-04T19:41:02-07:00
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