In STEPPS Academy Team Member Feature

March 10th, 2021

At In STEPPS Academy, we value all of our team members that support and help advance the Academy. Today we have another In STEPPS Academy Team Member Feature, Michael Burke. Michael has been an In STEPPS Academy Board since 2018. Read more about Michael and his experience with In STEPPS and why he is on the In STEPPS Academy Board.

Meet Michael

“I am the parent of two beautiful young girls on the spectrum. Our girls have benefited from intensive interventions and therapies, which have been developed by researchers that have had the help of parents who put their own children in studies as well. I “pay it forward” by supporting further advances in research, treatment, and supportive education.

In STEPPS provided services to one of my daughters, and I was impressed with the approach utilized by them. My experience has been that treatment of children with neurodevelopmental disorders is sporadic and that information about the children is often not shared with other service providers. I wholeheartedly support Dr. Bruinsma’s vision of a school that includes a fully integrated set of services in a safe and supportive environment for these special children.”

– Micahel Burke

Stay tuned for more In STEPPS Academy Team Member Features!