In STEPP Academy Sensory-Friendly
Butter Making Activity

It can be hard to find educational material that works best for your child. Don’t worry! Our In STEPPS Academy Director recommends this sensory-friendly 6 step butter-making activity to try from home. Can anyone say “YUM!”?

Supplies Needed

  • Whipping cream
  • Liquid-tight glass jar (Mason jar works great)


  1. Fill your container ¼ to ½ inch with heavy whipping cream.
  2. Close the container and begin shaking. Shaking creates energy in the form of heat so the faster you shake it, the faster you make it! Note: On a hotter day, you’ll make butter faster.
  3. As you shake vigorously you’ll see the cream begins to thicken. The sides of the jar will be
    completely coated.
  4. Keep shaking. When the thickened cream begins to separate from the glass you almost have butter.
  5. Keep shaking until you see the liquid (buttermilk) has separated from the solid (butter).
  6. Once you have butter, STOP SHAKING. If you keep shaking the butter will melt.

Spread over crackers, bread, etc…enjoy!