How To Keep Your Child Safe This Flu Season

August 30, 2019

Fall is quickly approaching and we all know that flu season isn’t far behind!

Want to be proactive on keeping you and your kids safe this flu season? Here are 6 quick tips that can make all the difference this upcoming flu season:

1. Washing your hands

Although this may seem pretty trivial, teaching your child to wash their hands at least 15 seconds (under warm water with soap) drastically reduces the chance of spreading harmful bacteria between people and to communal surfaces! Make sure to rinse between the fingers and under nails. A good way to know if hands are clean is to sing the Happy Birthday song: when the song ends hand washing is done!

2. Getting enough sleep

Between 7-10 hours of sleep is suggested for people of all ages, but for children this is especially important! Sleep helps boost your immune system which is return will fight off viruses more effectively, especially at a young age.

3. Educating kid’s on “cough/sneeze” etiquette 

Educating kid’s on “cough/sneeze” etiquette when they sneeze or cough will keep other people, including yourself, safe from their little germs. Sneezing and coughing into your elbow and washing your hands immediately after sneezing or coughing into them accidentally goes a long way to germ protection!

4. Drinking lots of fluids

Fluids help replenish any liquid that has left the body (throwing up, sweating etc.) and in return will ensure your child is hydrated. Hydration keeps all systems working optimally, including the immune system!

5. Physical exercise 

Physical exercise can be a good way to avoid getting sick at all and may even help if you are coming down with something. Sweating actually helps release toxins from the body and helps regulate overall body temperature.

6. Staying home from school 

This is probably one of the most important and often overlooked ways to keep other children safe from the flu and colds. Keeping your child from the public when he or she is sick is one of the best things you can do. You are giving your child time to rest, and keeping other children and teachers from also getting infected.