Occupational Therapy: Spin Art!


Occupational Therapy: Spin Art! August 14, 2019 Our occupational therapist Emily consulted in our classroom today. Our students made some awesome art using a spinner and some paint. This is an awesome exercise to increase the student's fine motor skills and it is just flat out fun! 😁

Occupational Therapy: Spin Art!2020-08-04T19:41:02-07:00

Social Skills Session: Coping Skills


Social Skills Session: Coping Skills July 30, 2019 Our Social Skills Teacher Ms. Melissa continues to provide her weekly social skills lessons. This Monday she focused on coping strategies that the kids can use when they feel angry or frustrated. Our students learned about taking

Social Skills Session: Coping Skills2020-08-04T19:20:33-07:00
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