First Field Trip of 2019-Tanaka Farms

July 5, 2019

Last Friday Mr. Sam, his students and their parents visited Tanaka Farms in Irvine. We visited the chicken coop, petted the chickens and inspected the chicken’s fresh eggs! We then boarded the tractor for the ride around the farm. Along the way we all got to try samples of the fresh veggies grown on the farm. The students were able to eat cilantro, carrots, corn, tomatoes, and green beans. Some students just practiced touching, smelling or kissing the vegetables. It was Foodie Friday after all!

We ended our trip picking and eating the sweetest of strawberries. With sticky hands and full tummies, we re-boarded the tractor for our ride back home. All our students did exceptionally well and had a lovely time. Thank you, Tanaka Farms, for showing us how food grows on such a beautiful day!

Check out the photos of our field trip on our Photo Gallery Page!